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Slide 1. HSL è leader italiano nella produzione di auto one-off Slide 2. Lightning dŽeccellenzaLa storia di unŽazienda di successo.Lightning dŽeccellenza per grandi auto europee.Slide 5 design di lampade e gioielleria



Technical perfection and beauty

What is excellence? It is technical perfection and beauty. It is the foundation of the great Italian tradition of arts, craftsmanship and manufacturing, since the Renaissance until the present day. It is our mantra, fueling our perennial search, inspiring us everyday to give the best value to our projects.

Designing, engineering, prototyping & producing excellence. In business since 1989, HSL operates in the field of product design, prototyping, moulding, low production, and also lamp and jewelry design, mainly through Additive Manufacturing. Essential skills, which are part of our DNA, and allow us to provide our customers reliable, top-quality services and products, in the automotive sector as well as in other ones.

Moreover, HSL offers services of process validation and process homologation. Because we want not only to satisfy our customers, but also to create a long-lasting relationship with them.

Global technology, Italian creativity. And a passion for new challenges and impossible goals. HSL doesn’t fear the unknown, because it knows that matter is shaped by people thanks to their expertise, not by machines. Design and craftsmanship are key to turn technology into real value, and becomes marketable product, satisfiable need, consumable pleasure.

Designing, engineering, prototyping & small series excellence

HSL makes the news in Switzerland

HSL, Italian company leader in the automotive lighting, features in a long-read published in the Swiss newspaper Luzerner Zeitung

HSL on Slovenian TV

HSL, with its extraordinary products and know-how, is the main character of a feature on innovation in Trentino region broadcasted by RTV Slovenija, main TV network of the Mitteleuropean country.


ARTE, the renowned French-German TV network, speaks of HSL and its products.

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